The mayor of Cs implicated in the Operation Vincher refuses to resign


Carlos Ruipérez (Ciudadanos), alcalde de Arroyomolinos, detenido por corrupción

Carlos Ruipérez (Citizens), mayor of Arroyomolinos, arrested for corruption CITY COUNCIL OF ARROYOMOLINOS

The mayor of Arroyomolinos (Cs), Carlos Ruipérez, will continue in office and with the same responsibilities in the Consistory “as long as their procedural situation is not perfectly defined and clarified,” the City Council informed this afternoon of Wednesday in a note press.

In addition, the alderman has revealed ” the damage suffered against his person in the media, with leaked data and not always contrasted, which has entailed a violation of his right to the presumption of innocence.”

The City Council has reaffirmed that, “as it can not be otherwise” collaborates in an “active and transparent” with the UDEF of the National Police in the framework of the anti-corruption operation ‘Enredadera’ and “has collaborated and will collaborate with the Justice transparency as a hallmark of the Consistory “.


Ruipérez also wanted to thank the members of the Government Team, municipal officials and workers, as well as many neighbors who have expressed solidarity “giving their support to him and his family.”

The contracts investigated

The police officers yesterday requested information regarding the contracts of the Municipality of Arroyomolinos with GESPOL from 2012 to the present. According to the Consistory, in 2012 the municipality signed a contract for exclusivity that was awarded on March 12, 2013 with Bilbomática for the integral maintenance of the GESPOL system with a duration of 2 years with the possibility of extension for up to 2 more years.

It was carried out exclusively by “with unfavorable reports” . The cost per year of this contract is 34,165 euros plus VAT . The first extension of this contract was in February 2015. The following extension was made in 2016 “due to lack of time to administratively process a contract through public tender”.

In 2017 , a public and open procedure was launched for the support and advisory service for the operation of the disciplinary proceedings for infractions. Six public companies were invited to tender for a cost of 28,900 euros plus VAT per year and for four years.

“After receiving the process the beneplácitos intervention, secretariat and recruitment, was awarded on October 10 with the company UTEBO-GESPOL was the winner of the public and open competition”, stressed the City Council, which has reiterated that “has collaborated with the maximum transparency before all the requested documentation requirements “.

The mayor of Arroyomolinos went to declare yesterday morning to police units depending on his position and returned to his home in the afternoon. ” The alderman is at the judicial disposition when he is summoned or called by the judge if he deems it necessary, he is in a condition of being investigated and not of imputed,” they stressed.

The first deputy mayor, Juan José González, was not arrested at any time, Gonzalez voluntarily appeared in police stations, “and told him to go home quietly and that he would be called if it was deemed necessary.”

Finally, the Municipality of Arroyomolinos has stressed that there are no traffic lights with radar in the municipality and that the European Union’s avenues are luminous signs and not traffic lights as such. In addition, they have pointed out, by way of example, that in 2013 they collected 140,585 euros for fines and a total of 48,893 euros in 2017, some data “that show that there has not been an increase in collection due to these infractions” .

Citizens has sent a request to the mayor of his training in Arroyomolinos to resign “in the next few hours.” If he does not, the formation will expel him.