Mortgage Loans, Housing With Subsidies

Poles are eager to use the governmental program “Easy loan”. In July, 3,618 people took advantage of the preferential housing loan as part of the government program “Easy loan”, drawing loans over PLN 670 million.

From the beginning of the program’s operation – January 2007, over 62, 9,000 have already been granted. loans in the total amount – PLN 10.6 billion. Most of them were intended for the purchase of a flat on the secondary market – during the three years of the program’s operation, as at the end of July this year, 38,540 contracts were signed for the total amount of over PLN 5.7 billion. In the case of purchase of apartments on the primary market, 13,493 contracts were concluded, providing over PLN 2.9 billion for loans, and in the case of single-family houses construction, banks signed 11,172 contracts for the total amount of PLN 1.9 billion.

In 2010. in the Fund for Subsidies, managed by GKBank, PLN 309.96 million is planned for loan subsidies under the ” Easy loan ” program. From the beginning of the year to the end of July over PLN 106 million was paid out.

Do you dream about your own four corners and would like to receive help in paying off the loan offered as part of the “Easy loan” program ? Take advantage of the mortgage offer with subsidies for the interest rate of Bank BGŻ!


“Easy loan” program was created to support families

"Easy loan" program was created to support families

  • additional payment up to 50% interest for the first 8 years of loan repayment
  • long loan period – up to 40 years – loan in PLN
  • PLN 0 commission when granting a loan
  • acceptance of foreign income when determining creditworthiness
  • high loan amount – up to 100% of the investment cost
  • the possibility of a grace period for repayment of capital – up to 29 months
  • settlement of up to 40% of the loan amount without presenting invoices
  • payment of the loan before the mortgage entry becomes valid

Credit terms:

A mortgage with interest rate subsidies is offered in accordance with the assumptions of the Act of 8 September 2006 on financial support for families in purchasing their own flat under the “Easy loan” program .

Who can take advantage of the loan?

Who can take advantage of the loan?

  • marriages or single parents (a minor child, regardless of his or her age, for whom care allowance, a child learning, until the age of 25 is taken).

Statutory requirements for Borrowers:

  • they only use the loan once, i.e. they were not and are not Borrowers of another loan agreement granted under the “Easy loan” program,
  • they can not be the owner / co-owner of a house or flat,
  • they can not be entitled to a cooperative ownership right to an apartment or house.

Statutory requirements for a loaned flat / house:

  • the usable floor space of an apartment can not exceed 75 m2,
  • the usable area of ​​the house must not exceed 140 m2,
  • the purchase / construction price of an apartment or house may not exceed the average conversion factor of the replacement cost of 1 m2 of usable floor area of ​​residential buildings, valid for the commune in which the property is located. The indicators are published on the website of GKBank.


  • the surcharge is applied within 8 years from the date of the first payment of interest,
  • the surcharge is equivalent to 50% of the interest accrued on the basis for calculating the surcharge at the BGK reference rate,
  • the basis for calculating the surcharge is the outstanding loan amount,
  • surcharges depend on the size of the usable area of ​​the loaned flat / house.