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Since 2013, Allianz Lebensversicherung has offered the Vorsorgekonzept Perspektive. Although no interest rates are guaranteed, higher yields are promised. The concept is popular. Just now was the 100,000. Customer insured. But consumer advocates are skeptical about the offer. The reason: The insurer shifts risks to customers.


Die Perspektive der Allianz kann eine Chance sein
Provide a good future perspective

Allianz's insurance concept "Perspective" celebrated its 100,000 in February 2015 . Customer. This number of new customers is considerable compared to other life insurance policies. In times of low interest rates, life insurance policies are steadily declining . Actually, saving is currently as unattractive as never, because the current guaranteed interest rate is only 1.25 percent. This is exactly where the concept of Allianz Perspective stands out: Instead of promising a low guaranteed interest rate , the insurer offers its customers a share of the surpluses generated.

Allianz Perspective: Is the name synonymous program?

The alliance could provide savers with their offer in times of low interest rates a true perspective . Because with the provision concept, investors do not benefit from the already miserable interest rates, but from a profit sharing of their insurance. As a result, customers should receive an annual return of 0.3 percentage points more than a guaranteed return . For example, Allianz advertises a guaranteed interest rate of 4.3 percent for 2015. But with the offer offering no guarantees other than securing paid-in contributions, consumer advocates criticize Allianz for shifting risks to customers.

Those who take precautions with the "perspective" can only profitably save if there are regular bonuses. In addition, customers can at the end of the contract once again achieve profit : The accumulated money is charged at the then applicable guaranteed interest. If this is higher than today, investors can make a plus. However, this can also prove to be a disadvantage if interest rates continue to fall further than they are now.

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Allianz perspective: security and return opportunities

If you are looking for a form of investment that avoids the currently low interest rates but at the same time offers security, Allianz will theoretically give you a new opportunity. The "Perspective" provision concept, like unit-linked insurance, promises higher returns than traditional forms of savings . Whether or not the insurance actually pays off, however, different test instances are in disagreement.

For example, Stiftung Warentest came to a largely positive conclusion in its Allianz Perspektive test. In the financial test (issue 05/2014), the new concept cuts off "well". The concept is "in principle suitable as a basic precaution", the conclusion is. In contrast, the eco-test (issue 08/2013) judges. " Consumers buy significantly higher risks with minimal increases in profit opportunities," said the testers.

Who really benefits from the new alliance "Perspective"?

Consumer advocates like Axel Kleinlein of the Union of Insured (BdV) are skeptical whether customers actually benefit from the pension plan. Kleinlein points out that those who are interested are willing to take on more dangerous bets for slightly higher return chances, "he told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAS).

On the one hand, there are no guarantees from the insurance company and, on the other hand, the pension paid out is also calculated as a function of the life expectancy of the Germans . If the average life expectancy at the beginning of retirement increases, the payout is reduced, as the benefits are spread over a longer period of time. Since there are no guarantees for the surplus participation, savers receive in the worst case only the amount they have paid for years in their "perspective" contract, so FAS.

Allianz Perspective: Different offers available

The Vorsorgekonzept perspective can be found with various private pension insurance, a Rürup pension. In this way, those interested can choose the form of provision that suits them best . However, the contrasting opinions of the experts show that consumers should seek other pension plans before they graduate. If necessary, you can find a hedge that will pay off better in the long term.

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Cora Christine Döhn

editorial staff

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