Advantages of microcredits

Microcredits are gaining more and more followers among consumers who are crushed by an unforeseen expense, a breakdown of the last minute or need a small liquidity to pamper themselves.

Remember that before signing any agreement with a financial institution you have to read the entire contract very well and analyze all the requirements, interests and commissions that are going to charge us to avoid taking scares.

Discover the advantages of a microcredit

Your availability. Microcredits are a financial product that allow people who cannot access traditional bank loans due to their lack of resources or their questionable credit profile in a short time .

Its simplicity. Simply indicate the amount you need, the return period and your personal data to get an answer in a few minutes and the money in your account in a few more. And all online if you want! Depending on the entity, you will find different conditions, such as age ranges or not having debts in delinquent files, but the application process is really simple in all cases and they almost never ask for a guarantee.

Its adaptability. The microcredits adapt to the circumstances of each client offering variable amounts and comfortable terms that, in addition and depending on the case, you can postpone or delay if necessary. Of course, you will surely have to pay extra commissions.

An opportunity for entrepreneurs


Many are the freelancers and workers who want to start their own business that see microcredits as a great way to get money to start their dream precisely thanks to these few demands and the possibility of adapting payments to our circumstances.

Your competitiveness. The basis of this type of products is that it offers small amounts of money to be returned in short periods of time, although you can adapt it to your needs.

This causes us to be suffocated by interests for less time


In addition, the interest rate is usually lower than that of other products. The key is to be rigorous with the payments of our monthly payments and to notify in advance if we will not be able to meet it so that the expenses derived from interest and commissions are lower.

If you are thinking of requesting your first microcredit, in Good Finance we help you to achieve it.